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About me

In a nutshell, I can be described as a wild child, a free-spirited young woman of 27 yrs old. I'm often compared to the stereotype of my home country, France: blunt, deeply passionate, witty, with an unyielding love for passionate conversations, good wine and cheese. I have an unapologetic love for life. I've never really wanted to conform to societal norms and quickly decided to live the lifestyles I resonate with the most, covering my skin with intricate, colourful tattoos. Energetic and playful, with a mischief glance in my eyes...time with me is never dull. 

Wanderlust is middle name, I have an urge for the freedom necessary to explore the world. Home for me is wherever my feet and backpack take me. I am rather proud of my tramp-stamp passport. 

I spend most of my time in the Capital National Ottawa where I am starting a second degree in the hospitality.  I host from various locations in the downtown core, Westboro or Hull, where I am excited to welcome you. Or I can come and visit you at your hotel.

I do not have a permenant incall, so reserving in advance is as must 

I'm a dream for the man who loves luscious curves (small BBW), coupled with a bright and friendly smile will put you at ease right away. Shoulder length dark curls compliment my Suicide Girl Next Door look. 

You've never been quite the white-collar conformist that you see rushing towards the subway in the morning. You may have to play the game, to cover the appearance, but deep inside, you've always had a desire for the mystic, the unknown. Nowadays everyone is a VIP or Elite companion, you've seen it and read it all but you yearn for something different. I will not pretend to be something that I am not. With me you will find an unparalleled and authentic is my deepest desire to get to know the real you. The man who wears the yellow suit in the crowd. 

Do you prefer a slow and sensual build up, where the connection and passion are simmering until the final explosion where we both end up breathless...or something a little more edgy, where our clothes are off after only a few minutes and we try to see how much we can soak the sheets of our sweats...I'm a chameleon in disguise and can accommodate most scenarios.


Stats and fun facts

  • age: L'├óge ou les femmes sont les plus belles (late 20s)

  • background: French/Moroccan

  • hair colour: Chocolate Brown

  • Height: 5ft, 6

  • Bust: 36DD

  • Dress size: 12-16 . Small BBW. If you do not like curves, I am not the person for you

  • Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Body mods: too many tattoos to count, a few piercings

  • Favourite food: French, Italian and Thai.

  • Twitter: @MalikaFantasy

  • Instagram @malika.fantasy

  • Please note that I currently do not drink any alcohol for health reasons,but you are free to bring to indulge if you wish.