Malika Fantasy

Your Suicide Girl Next Door

Lets make our own adventure!

I was struck at a young age with the affliction of Wanderlust. I have traveled to more countries that I can remember,  but I have not yet satisfied my travel lust. Spending more than a few weeks at home makes me feel caged-in: I need to see the world! Are you the same way? An untameable rebel with a vagabond soul? Needing someone to join you on your meandering around the world?  Lets makes love in the street of Paris or catch the sunset at Ankhor Wat in Cambodia.

If you want me to join me...send me an email and lets talk! Travel packages are quite different than my listed rates in the country that I sometimes tour. Flights, rooms and refreshments are at your expense. I will also required 1-2 hours a day to myself to re-emerge as my witty self, having had time to myself and to catch up on social media (cue all Millenials).   

Due to current political events, I will not travel to the USA.